The work of Juridicon lawyers in the technology field technologies constitutes a significant part of the services that we provide our clients with. We always focus on what our clients’ activities demand so that if those are related to the use of technology, its development or protection, we are always happy to help no matter what difficulties might have arisen.

We draft agreements and advise our clients on matters associated with:

  • Franchises, distribution and representation
  • Copyright protection
  • On-line trade
  • Acquisition, sale or licensing of computer applications and software
  • Partnership and other similar alliances in the field of technology
  • Protection of intellectual property in the fields of creating, developing and licensing technologies
  • Legal audits
  • Data protection
  • Confidentiality

Although the mass media is usually defined as the independent fourth realm which exists alongside the legislature, executive and judiciary, this sector cannot function successfully without qualified legal help that takes into account this market’s expansion and development and increasing buying power. Juridicon lawyers may counsel their clients on mass media and advertising law. Our experience and expertise help us to understand our clients’ needs and evaluate the specifics of their activities, therefore we are able to give practical advice to enable our clients to make good decisions. We may offer our clients services in the fields of advertising and electronic media as well as the publication of newspapers, magazines and other periodicals including books.