We are a law firm of choice with clients who need detect unforeseen risks and neutralise them, especially when it comes to performing due diligence and tax audits or providing counsel on joint venture (partnership) matters.

Our clients are delighted with the smooth and cooperative way that we work, ensured by our commitment to put the client’s priorities first and in the way that we operate:

Team. All JURIDICON lawyers work for the client’s goal and are committed to continual professional and personal development.

Experience. All JURIDICON attorneys-at-law are experienced professionals in their respective fields who have been providing legal services to JURIDICON clients for a decade or longer and have additional experience in project management and large-scale knowledge bases. 

Specialisation. “Taxation is JURIDICON lawyers’ main area of expertise. JURIDICON lawyers can advise clients on any tax law issue and help with effective planning and modelling company contracts and related taxes due with consideration to company structure and the contracts finalised by a company” (Legal5oo).

International Expertise. In cooperation with our long-standing partners abroad, we have provided legal services, implemented projects and represented clients in dispute settlement around the world since 1996.

Innovation and Continual Improvement. To ensureimproved client service and project management, we use the latest project and process management tools in our law firm and have been continually improving our knowledge-management system and processes since 2007.

Fixed Fee. We apply methods that meet or exceed the expectations that our clients have of their lawyers. We define the scope of services accurately in advance, provide these for a fixed fee and so remain within the client’s budget while implementing solutions which create value.