Our qualifications and unique experience in drafting versatile and bespoke property protection strategies for Lithuanian and foreign clients can help every client draw up a reliable and innovative property protection plan. There are many options when it comes to ensuring the correct protection of assets: some of them will protect you against creditors, some will help to optimise taxes and guarantee confidentiality and others will increase your income, asset value and ensure that future generations are better off. Juridicon will always carry out a thorough analysis of every situation, take note of each client's goals and objectives, discuss alternatives with the client and offer the solution which best fits his or her needs and guarantees that his or her assets are not only sufficiently protected, but also that asset management control and flexibility are not precluded. We work closely with every client and help them to implement the strategies weve helped them develop so that all of their goals are met and the assets are protected against future creditors.

Property protection planning manifests itself through the use of legal methods which help to mitigate legal risks. This ensures that resources are organised in such a way that assets to which future creditors may have a right of recovery against are reduced. However, this does not mean that its a way of illegally avoiding the repayment of debts. On the contrary, we do not encourage our clients to hide their assets and we do not tolerate or suggest asset protection strategies which would break the law. Taking into account current legislation, we simply evaluate the legal requirements and identify and offer our clients potential property opportunities.

Under current market conditions such property protection protection becomes necessary prior to the acquisition of certain assets; however, it doesnt occur to many clients to protect their assets. Usually the significance of a solid property protection strategy is not properly evaluated so the client never gets the opportunity to discuss the options in a reliable and confidential environment. It will be too late to develop a protection plan once seizure of property by public institutions, creditors or third parties is underway. Therefore, if you neglect to act in this area, you can lose your welfare and everything you have worked for. Are you really ready to assume such a risk?

The services we provide are as follows:                

  • Counselling over property protection
  • Property protection planning
  • Property protection strategies
  • Property protection schemes
  • Property protection in foreign jurisdictions
  • Property protection feasibility studies under national legislation and implementation thereof
  • Property division and consolidation planning
  • Investment planning
  • Establishment of legal entities for the purpose of property protection in Lithuania and foreign countries
  • Establishment of trust funds and other funds abroad
  • Administration of trust funds and other funds
  • Trustees' services
  • Protection of personal property
  • Asset sharing agreements

We can offer additional opportunities as to property protection planning which are designed to acquire, manage, control or assign property and which can be useful in each specific case.

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