Juridicon's specialists who have university degrees in law and who have been providing legal services to residents and non-residents of Lithuania for more than 20 years aim at facilitating tax-related problems their clients deal with and eliminating negative effects. We advise not only on matters related to taxation of personal income, but we also help to plan and optimise taxes, we draft tax return and other forms associated with the submission of information on taxes in such a way that information is provided properly and the client's interests are protected at most.

Regardless of who you are – simply a worker or a person receiving large income, business owner or shareholder, company manager or director, or just a person engaged in individual activities – you always have to properly perform your tax liabilities. Tax laws stipulate the obligation to declare income received in the previous year and cash transactions, and in certain cases, all owned property and income must be declared. As the requirements of legal acts rapidly change, this can be a rather complicated and lengthy process. Therefore, it is important to work with experienced tax specialists, if you want to fulfil all requirements and plan your taxes ahead, maintain you personal and family welfare as well as property you own.

Juridicon provides the following services to the public:

  • Counselling on general matters related to income taxation
  • Counselling on dividends, interests, gifts, inheritance and taxation of other specific transactions
  • Counselling on international taxation
  • Counselling on matters related to property and income declaration as well as submission of information to the STI and risks related thereto
  • Determination of tax risks subject to the existing and planned transactions, evaluation, proposals on elimination or mitigation measures and implementation
  • Registration of tax payers
  • Drafting, filling up and filing of tax returns to be submitted by residents and non-residents of Lithuania
  • Collecting and drafting all documents certifying income
  • Representation when filing tax returns and/or certifying documents
  • Submission of notifications to the STI of accounts opened/closed at foreign credit institutions and foreign e-money institutions, concluded transactions, received income, etc.
  • Drafting and filing inquiries to the STI regarding the interpretation of tax legislation
  • Drafting and filing of requests regarding the application of the provisions of tax legislation subject to advance liabilities of the STI
  • Representation during due diligence and audits
  • Drafting documents and representation in tax disputes
  • Consulting, drafting documents and representation in pre-trial (criminal) investigations and criminal proceedings regarding the breach of tax laws

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