Incorporation datasheet - Lithuania

2017-05-22 08:30

Considering about investing in Lithuania and have questions related to the formation of a company and tax issues? In this case law firm JURIDICON guide "Incorporation datasheet - Lithuania" would be helpful for you. This guide outlining not only the general requirements for the establishment of the company related with:

1) company name;

2) the minimum capital of a company;

3) minimum/maximum number of shareholders;

5) establishment of the branch;

6) free economic zone (FEZ);

but also provides information on such important tax aspects such as: 

1) income tax, value-added (VAT) tax rate;

2) dividend taxation;

3) income tax relief;

4) double taxation agreements;

5) taxes paid by the employer.

Information given in tax and companies establishment guide will let to evaluate the investment in Lithuania strengths and weaknesses and help investors to make decisions on the establishment of the company in Lithuania.

Incorporation datasheet Lithuania 2017.pdf (open link)

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