Managed Legal Services

Our managed legal services ALLAW are performed by in-house alternative legal service provider. They combine legal resources, industrialized process, legal project management and the best of LegalTech. ALLAW managed legal services include:

  • Managed document review services
  • Contract Lifecycle Management services
  • Contract Compliance services
  • Regulatory Risk & Compliance Services
  • Data Protection & GDPR

Our managed legal service model centres the client, giving you strategic control and cost certainty. We give you real-time visibility through our Client Portal and bring to life the rich data set held within any legal process. 

If you are planning to bid in a tendering procedure, purchase assets, acquire a business, close a deal or start a joint venture? Please contact our legal project manager Laimonas Marcinkevicius, PhD, PMP or schedule an appointment.

Your Goal

The success of a project can hinge upon the various aspects of legal regulation and the risks faced by the project team, suppliers, joint venture partners, etc. All of these risks must be controlled within the available budget. Your concern is project implementation and you do not want to be side-tracked by any particular legal issue.

Our Tactics

JURIDICON will provide you with a legal team under a fixed fee contract to deliver full legal project management in your in-house or external project.

Your JURIDICON legal team has expertise in contract law and understands the importance of controlling costs, meeting deadlines, managing risk and follow plain common sense. It will ensure sound project management, using proven methods and IT solutions. We will develop a legal feasibility study for your project, assess your risks and present risk management options and prepare decision-making tables and decision trees. Whenever any threat of litigation or legal constraint arises, we will assess this threat and present our conclusions about any possible effects.

As our client, you will also have access to lawyers from our partner offices (any of the 193 United Nations members and additionally from Taiwan, Kosovo or Palestine), who have the required national law expertise and experience. We will supply you with the best possible advice and assistance in your BAU undertakings or projects.

The legal project team will be headed by Dr. Laimonas Marcinkevičius, a sertified legal project manager (PMP) with a Ph.D in law. His doctoral thesis on “Regulatory framework and applicable law for international joint ventures” presents a detailed analysis on contract and corporate law, international business and joint ventures.

Your Outcome

The prompt assistance of our legal team ensures that all risks and their mitigation are identified promptly and mistakes are avoided during the project planning and implementation phases, and that the project itself proceeds smoothly.

Our team will ensure legal counsel and accountability, working within the scope and budget, improving planning on the issues that need to be solved and giving you a competitive edge; all of which contributes to your bottom line.

This will put the successful and effective implementation of your project(s) beyond doubt.

You will see your strategic transactions and initiatives (mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and other major deals) through to the end, with your highest revenue-generating, most cost-effective and strategic business contracts prioritised and fully implemented.