Business law

Experience acquired by Juridicon specialists of the law firm and their constant improvement means that we are able to offer a wide range of legal services to business clients. We provide counselling not only on matters related to and aspects of business law, but we also provide different labour and tax law services which are vital in any type of business.

Our services in this area cover two main segments: commercial and corporate law. We can provide qualified complex services for every stage of a business’s activities – from the establishment of companies, determination of their structure and management, the operation of routine activities, conclusion of agreements and successful performance thereof through to company development, share assignment, restructuring or liquidation.

The line where specific relations are attributed to commercial law and which of them are attributed to the field governing corporate law is not always clear. It is usually determined by agreements or subjective opinions. We believe that:

  • Commercial law governs business and trade transactions
  • Corporate law governs the establishment of companies, their management and routine activities as well as the establishment of internal rules, relationships between shareholders, directors and other stakeholders as well as the wind-up of company activities

The correlation and close interrelation between these fields of law forces our lawyers to strengthen their expertise in both areas of business law on a regular basis so that we are able to provide our clients with qualified and timely legal aid. Furthermore, in order to ensure the complexity of services and maximum benefit for every client, our lawyers specialise in other fields such as labour or tax law and so are always able to help resolve the issues in these areas.

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