JURIDICON lawyers make it their priority to understand your role and satisfy all of your legal needs. The various investment alternatives and options that confront you may present you with a number of opportunities and consequent choices. You may have certain expectations, but the outcomes or alternatives you envisage may not be appropriate for satisfying your expectations. We are therefore eager to help you find the most appropriate and effective solution.

Every situation is unique – no buyer, seller, investor or piece of property is identical. We therefore put maximum effort into understanding the way that you perceive your business. We know what risks might confront you and we therefore we consider every case to be critical and provide timely timely analysis of all of the legal, tax-related and commercial aspects. This means that we are able to identify hidden risks or obligations and thus help you avoid negative consequences. We believe that the ability to properly identify and evaluate risks and foresee opportunities is the key to understanding the actual value of a contract. We are ready to unlock this potential for you.

Plan to acquire assets, a business or an enterprise, plan to engage in a joint venture, or have completed a contract and would like to have an audit conducted to establish what legal or commercial possibilities you have or what risks you are facing - JURIDICON lawyers in Lithuania make it their priority to understand your role and satisfy all of your legal needs.

The simplest way is not always the best and most efficient one, that is why sometimes it is more reliable and easier to acquire a time-tested business complex instead of establishing a new company. Clients often address us regarding the merger or acquisition of companies when they intend to expand their business or strengthen their positions on the market. For this reason, a large part of our practice in the area of corporate law consists of such services. We advise our clients on all matters related to acquisition and sales of the companies, irrespective of a type or size of the acquiring or acquired company. Being legal service providers we adapt to the needs of every client and draft a strategy which would correspond to the client's long-term vision.

We have a wide range of clients engaged in international activities and we often encounter mergers and acquisitions containing an international element, therefore we have gained a lot of experience in this field and we can always help if you need legal aid of this nature. If necessary, we can ask our partners belonging to the network of Warvic Legal Network for help. Seeking to satisfy all needs of our clients we always work together with the specialists of labour, intellectual property, commercial and tax law.

The following actions are taken in case of mergers and acquisitions:

  • Counselling on the merger and acquisition
  • Negotiations over the merger and acquisition
  • Drafting and implementation of plans for mergers and acquisitions
  • Drafting all documents necessary for mergers and acquisitions
  • Due diligence and audits prior to the merger or acquisition
  • Assessment of tax optimisation opportunities