Anagreement is an arrangement between two or more persons regarding a certain object, where one contractual party undertakes to perform or not to perform certain actions, and another party is granted the right to demand performance. Civil law contains provisions for various agreements to be concluded and includes different terms and conditions therein provided they do not withstand effective legal acts. Juridiconexperts in the agreements field are able to offer services in both concluding certain agreements and the provision of universal services and advice in this field taking into account the needs of a particular client and the dynamics of business relations.

Our lawyers are able to rely upon their experience and specialist knowledge of business and economics  during negotiations over commercial agreements or during the drafting and performance stages to ensure that we achieve the best results for our clients. The foundation for every business and the secret for its success lies in specific and practical agreements that are easy to adhere to. We are universal and independent lawyers who strive to understand the specific needs of every company we deal with. So we always follow three key principles when concluding agreements: the agreements must be as tailored to the needs of an individual client as possible, they have to be properly evaluated and they must prove beneficial to the client.

Our services cover the following main types of agreements:



         Joint Activity Agreements

         Commercial representation and distribution

         Goods and Services Agreements

         Contracting and sub-contracting

         Rent, lease

         Contracting and sub-contracting

         Loans, etc.