Although it is often said that that taxes are among the few things in life which are inevitable, it is possible to reduce or eliminate unnecessary tax duties if your tax affairs are planned properly. Therefore, our job is to help our clients plan taxes and draft a tax plan to reduce both current and future tax duties. Our tax lawyers' knowledge, experience and qualifications help identify existing and potential tax risks as well as to shape each transaction in such a way that it is the most efficient in terms of tax liabilities.

It may seem that even the most conservative tax planning can raise the risk of an inspection by the STI, but our goal is to make sure that our clients reduce that risk by planning ahead. We use the best modern methods to effectively avoid negative tax consequences and meet the financial expectations of our clients. We are able to help with all types of tax, including, but not limited to, personal income tax, inheritance tax, real estate tax, land tax, etc.

The existing environment in Lithuania, the EU and around the world can cause financial and tax problems for many. Taxation is constantly changing and this area can be particularly complicated: legal regulations are subject to frequent change because they are dependent upon both the economic and political situation. The result is that a lot of the legislation in this area has become extremely complicated. So people find it difficult to ascertain their correct tax liabilities with either too much or too little tax being paid, information not being submitted to the STI or the information that is submitted being incorrect resulting in interest or fines being charged and the STI issuing mandatory instructions. Because the tax system has an impact on much of daily life, it is particularly important to choose the right tax consultant who can help resolve problems and work to stop them happening again. Irrespective of the reasons behind your tax difficulties income, property disposal, assignment or acquisition, inheritance, etc. we are ready to help you find the best solution.

The tax services provided to our clients consist of:

  • Counselling over income taxation
  • Complex consulting over international and national taxation
  • Counselling over the application of agreements on the evasion of double taxation
  • Tax consulting over investing in Lithuania and abroad
  • Tax consulting in cases of property assignment, acquisition, financing and other transactions
  • Tax consulting over carrying out individual activities
  • Tax planning personal income, property, international
  • Assessment of tax risks while planning for inheritance and property protection against creditors
  • Calculation of all taxes, drafting and declaration of tax statements
  • Assistance in registering tax payers
  • Consulting over due diligence and fiscal inspections
  • Counselling over payment of fines and interest, relief from fines and interest
  • Representation when dealing with the the STI
  • Representation when dealing with customs
  • Representation when dealing with the State Social Insurance Fund Board
  • Representation in tax disputes
  • Representation when dealing with other public and private institutions, authorities, organisations on tax-related matters
  • Drafting enquiries, statements, letters and other documents and submitting them to the relevant authorities
  • Assistance regarding taking over underpaid taxes
  • Assistance in cases of the repayment (offset) of overpaid taxes (difference)
  • Assistance in concluding agreements for deferral of underpaid tax amounts and tax arrangement
  • Legal audits and evaluations with respect to tax issues

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