We understand your desire to preserve your inheritance for future generations, therefore we offer an asset planning and administration practice which respects family values and traditions. We seek to provide objective and practical services in the most efficient way and our ultimate goal is to help you draft an individual plan corresponding to your personal intentions for you and your descendants. It does not matter whether you want to create a new will or to amend an existing one, our lawyers advise you and will ensure that your wishes are respected. If you are concerned that your relatives will not make the right decision in a difficult situation, we can help you protect against this and save you stress and anxiety.

After consulting a client, we draft inheritance and business continuity plans so as to ensure the appropriate distribution of every client's property based on his or her specific needs and expectations. To make the management of property more efficient, economically reliable and effective, we help our clients to not only draw up wills, but also advise them on inheritance administration issues, examine options when it comes to setting up different funds, making donations to charity and looking for sponsorship opportunities. We also analyse tax consequences to reduce your expense liabilities as far as possible. Most of our clients have acquired property abroad so we can offer international help as well, particularly where there are issues around real estate or related matters. We work in co-operation with our foreign partners. Our practice in terms of inheritance planning is unlimited so we are able to suggest things to our clients which may not even have occurred to them.

One of lifes greatest pleasures is the ability to earn money and then enjoy it so long as this is carefully thought through so a lot of attention is paid to making such decisions. However, planning for inheritance is frequently forgotten. Few people plan for inheritance because they think that writing a will is the only thing needed and they see inheritance planning as an intimidating and heartless process. But inheritance planning is simply a process where transactions and the ownership of a persons assets, business or investments after their death are specified in advance. So, if under the terms of a will, a  property is to be shared or the law forces its distribution among heirs, inheritance planning is merely the implementation of the deceaseds objectives and can mean that a property is not only distributed among his or her heirs but its value increases as it is passed from generation to generation.

Our services in the field of inheritance planning are as follows:

  • Counselling over inheritance law
  • Counselling over inheritance administration
  • Counselling over drawing up, amending and revoking wills
  • Counselling over personal income tax, inheritance tax and other taxes
  • Counselling over inheritance acceptance and refusal
  • Determination of testator's debts and assistance in recovering debts
  • Drafting descriptions of a list of assets and inheritance
  • Drafting strategies and plans for inheritance planning
  • Property identification and sharing among heirs
  • Assistance in selecting the executor of a will
  • Execution of wills
  • Advice on property assignment and management for the purpose of inheritance
  • Advice on personal items
  • Assistance in approving personal wills
  • Drafting and filing all required documents for handling and completing asset administration and execution of a will
  • Co-operation with foreign law firms when property is inherited abroad
  • Contact us to find out how we can help you to draft the property assignment or retention strategy which will best meet your objectives.
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