To increase the potential benefit for our clients, we conduct thorough due diligence and analyses subject to the tax risk management and fulfilment of the requirements of legal acts. Juridicon's experienced tax experts provide grounded proposals to efficiently eliminate identified risks and use all opportunities. Our specialists combine their international experience with the national regulation of legal acts in different jurisdictions so that they can assess tax risks both at a national and international level, to identify the tax impact on transactions and suggest methods to mitigate the impact.

We can offer the following services to our clients:

  • General due diligence of companies' performance
  • Examination, analysis and evaluation of a previous tax situation, tax planning, acquisition and disposal background
  • Examination, analysis and evaluation of a current tax situation
  • Analysis and evaluation of acquisition, sales, merger, restructuring or other transactions
  • Analysis and evaluation of financing opportunities
  • Analysis of a tax impact of agreements (documents), e.g. purchase-sales agreements, merger agreements, etc.
  • Evaluation of a situation after the conclusion of transactions, e.g. restructuring of an acquired unit in order to optimise its activity and adapt it to new needs.

An ability to properly understand the previous, current and future tax risks is the key to the evaluation of a true transaction value. The proper examination and evaluation of tax-related aspects may reveal hidden tax risks and improperly performed (failed to perform) tax liabilities and help to avoid unforecasted threats or enable to use various opportunities. Taking into account the fact that it is often attempted to assign risks to investors, it is always recommended to carry out full and comprehensive due diligence and evaluation of an intended transaction prior to undertaking the implementation of any projects so that risks can be managed and inadequate evaluation of opportunities for investing may be avoided.

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