JURIDICON'S lawyers, whose experience in working with Lithuanian and foreign investors exceeds 12 years, will provide you with explicit and concrete answers to your questions related to tax regulations in any country. Also, at your request, we can conduct a thorough analysis of your business plans, identify and assess potential risks and offer their management instruments so that you can make a reasonable and grounded business decision regarding a form of investments and jurisdiction.

Although the tax criterion when planning investments is not the most important one, it is not, however, the least significant. When considering opportunities for establishing a business, not only advantages and drawbacks of jurisdictions are considered, but also those of labour force, capital gain, received income and profit, international transactions, interest, royalties, dividends, bonuses, taxation of shares and assignment of business as each investment leads to certain tax consequences which are different in most cases. Their forecast in advance provides with a huge investment advantage: this enables to choose the most appropriate business model and plan the budget, optimise various costs, including taxes. 

We consult our clients on the following matters related to investment taxation:

  • Cross-border payments
  • Capital gains
  • Profit received abroad
  • Transaction taxes and pricing
  • Taxes imposed on a company's activity
  • Local branches and subsidiaries
  • Tax optimisation instruments