Tax Structuring

Your Goal

Are you planning to bid in a tendering procedure, purchase assets, acquire a business, close a transaction or start a joint venture? Or are you divesting from a secondary business or intend to take part in a merger? Or are you expanding your operations abroad? You need to be sure that your future cash flows are optimised. The appropriate structuring of direct and indirect taxes is an important financial management tool for both multinational companies and SMEs.

Account should also be taken of compliance in the tax sector and the fact that just a few years ago the G20 Finance Ministers adopted a set of measures for combating corporate income tax avoidance on an international scale and agreed guidance aimed at addressing the issues of the OECD Action Plan on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS). Among other things, BEPS introduces a broad concept of information sharing and provides tax administrators globally with significant additional information. This eliminates the advantage of confidentiality that might have been expected previously. BEPS is currently only at the implementation stage and legislators and tax administrators still have a lot to accomplish. So, during this period of transition, company executives and board members must take an active role in the creation of tax policies in their own companies or their groups. The existing laws, the possible effects and intentions of future laws and their general spirit must be taken into consideration. Companies must define their appetite for risk and adjust their tax planning to a growing number of criteria. The focus should be on their own activities and their cost-effectiveness and the search for ways to avoid double taxation.

Our Tactics

“Taxation is JURIDICON lawyers’ main area of expertise. JURIDICON lawyers can advise clients on all issues of tax law with the aim of effective planning and modelling company contracts and related taxes with consideration to a company’s structure and contracts finalised by a company” (Legal5oo). We have been ranked among the top Baltic tax consultancies by World Tax 2017, a comprehensive guide to the world’s best tax consultancy firms. Business publications regularly publish our opinions and comments on various tax and international business issues.

The firm’s tax practice is headed by Attorney-at-Law Dr. Laimonas Marcinkevičius who has been recommended by the independent international tax guide, Tax Directors Handbook, and EUROPEAN LEGAL EXPERTS published by The Legal 500, a catalogue of the world’s law firms and legal service providers, since 2007.

When you are considering which country to establish and develop your business in, which form of enterprise to choose, how to plan the movement of your assets, goods, services and funds and when to reorganise or wind up your business, our professionals will be able to evaluate the alternatives you are considering and, based on your criteria, help you to select the optimal and most effective option.

Our work with our regular clients and more than 20 years of experience in the area of taxation ensure that we help clients not only with effective tax planning and optimisation but also in finding solutions to everyday taxation matters, including but not limited to workforce, interest, dividends, financing and capital gains taxation.

To increase our clients’ potential gains, we carry out thorough tax audits and reviews on compliance issues related to tax risk management and legal requirements. Our experienced tax experts present thoroughly assessed proposals for the effective elimination of identified risks and for maximising new opportunities. Our specialists combine their international experience with tax law regulations in different jurisdictions in order to conduct a tax risk assessment at both a national and international level, determine the tax impact on a transaction and suggest ways to mitigate this impact.

We advise on international taxation issues in cooperation with Moore Stephens, thus meeting the needs of our clients engaged in international business. This also enables Lithuanian companies to receive assistance from the international counsel network.

Being aware of the huge impact of taxation on every sphere of our lives and activities, we work to find a synthesis of quality and reliable methods that help to reduce any effect of tax obligations.

Because we have a thorough understanding of any potentially adverse effects on each taxpayer — from a large multinational corporation to a small company or an individual — and a wide body of experience and knowledge of the specifics and procedures of the State Tax Inspectorate’s (STI) activities, our clients are represented in tax disputes and any other interactions with the STI. In view of the interrelationship of various processes, involving our criminal and civil law professionals and partners in foreign countries, we successfully represent our clients in parallel criminal or civil proceedings and in front of foreign authorities if a client’s activities encompass several jurisdictions. JURIDICON lawyers have long-standing experience in advising companies and entities in various criminal cases including fraud, misappropriation or non-payment of taxes. These types of cases are complicated and raise many sensitive issues. Being aware of the importance of the reputations of companies and entities faced with allegations, we focus on client needs and look for a way to mitigate or completely eliminate any negative effect on their interests, their families or business and employees. Acting as defence lawyers, we do our best to provide prompt, effective and comprehensive legal assistance to entities and companies involved in criminal cases.

Your Outcome

Double taxation is prevented, cash flows are optimised and litigation and related additional costs, restrictions or effects are avoided, protecting the good name of the company.