Juridicon's tax law specialists have been working with international and local companies, corporations or organisations, which successfully carry out their activities in several jurisdictions and plan their tax duties, for more than 20 years. Consulting over agreements on evasion of double taxation that Lithuania has signed and has been applying over 50 of them, evaluation of jurisdictions and tax risks, planning of company's operation through a registered office or base, establishment of companies in more favourable tax jurisdictions have become an integral part of the services we provide. We are always prepared to use the experience we have gained to evaluate our clients' opportunities, make decisions and implement them so that tax planning gives optimal results and complies with all standards of legal acts.

Although tax planning is still often considered an immoral phenomenon, the Lithuanian courts, however, stated that no legal acts oblige a tax payer to choose such an alternative of a legal conduct model, if possible, which would impose the largest tax duty. Thus, a person's ability to forecast tax consequences and choose a legal business model which would enable to operate at the lowest costs is considered a completely normal action. On the other hand, if lower taxes are chosen, it leads to balancing on the verge of lawfulness, and sometimes this boundary is crossed and law is being abused. Therefore, if you want to avoid negative tax consequences, it is always recommended to consult an experienced tax advisor, since incautious tax planning can do more damage than give benefits.