We understand the potentially adverse effects that every taxpayer – large international corporation, small enterprise,or private entity – can face in such situation. We have amassed a wide body of experience and knowledge of the specifics of the STI's activities as well as the procedures it uses and we represent our clients in tax disputes and any other interactions with the STI. Taking into account the interrelation between various processes, using our criminal and civil law specialists and partners in foreign countries, we successfully represent our clients in parallel criminal or civil proceedings and in foreign institutions if a client's activity covers several jurisdictions.

We know that tax disputes are time consuming and costly, therefore we focus on the rapid and economic settlement of such disputes. We help our clients to control the process, forecast potential outcomes, assess risks, achieve their desired results and avoid lengthy and costly procedures. Our experience shows that the earlier a client makes up his or mind with respect to their rights and defence of their interests, the better as far as the results can be achieved.

The State Tax Inspectorate (the STI) is one of the few public institutions which is encountered by almost every citizen or company at least once in their life or operation. The situations might be different but they are always, without exception, related to the proper performance of tax liabilities, therefore they often manifest themselves in investigations or inspections of a taxpayer's activities and a subsequent dispute. This often results in the calculation of further tax to be paid, the imposition of penalties and interest and sometimes even more serious consequences including calling in law enforcement agencies to investigate alleged criminal activities.

To help our clients we counsel on matters related to tax disputes and any other relationships with the STI: Our practice includes representation of clients and defence of their interests in the following fields:

  • Tax calculation according to the tax administrator's evaluation
  • Tax calculation by applying the substance-over-form principle
  • Agreement on taxes and related amounts
  • (Non) offset and (non) repayment of the overpaid amount
  • (Non) deferral or (non) arrangement of payments of underpaid taxes
  • Application of methods to ensure the performance of tax liabilities (asset seizure, mortgage, etc.)
  • (Non) relief from penalties and interest
  • Enforced recovery of underpaid amounts
  • Due diligence
  • Fiscal inspection and prompt inspection
  • Documenting and approving the results of fiscal inspection
  • Pre-trial investigation of tax disputes
  • Judicial investigation of tax disputes
  • International tax disputes
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