When a new business is set up, the partners are able to agree on how the company should be managed and how its activities and development should proceed. However, over time the partners' opinions and expectations diverge and it becomes more and more difficult to reach agreements that are acceptable to all parties. Disputes between shareholders are exceptional because they are often very emotional and result in high losses: such disputes can negatively affect the running of a business because the lack of consensus can simply lead to ongoing projects stopping, may jeopardise the stability of business and destabilise it financially. We help resolve a wide range of disputes between shareholders using our practical experience and legislative requirements. It does not matter whether you are a major or a minor shareholder. You are entitled to the right representation and the defence of your interests. Do not hesitate to contact Juridicon's lawyers and we will help you find the right solution.

Advise and counselling we provide and disputes in which we represent shareholders:

  • disputes related to business management and development
  • disputes with other shareholders
  • disputes with company management bodies
  • disputes related to profit distribution
  • disputes related to assignment of shares
  • other disputes between shareholders