Juridicon's specialists provide counselling and other legal services to foreign companies which intend to establish, acquire, restructure companies, branches, representative offices or expand and strengthen their positions in Lithuania. Regardless of the field of activities you develop – goods or services import or export – it is very important to evaluate peculiarities of different markets, subtlety of legal regulations and adequately assess and handle all risks. We are here to help you resolve these issues.

Prior to expanding or launching business in Lithuania, as in any other country of the world, it is necessary to consider a range of difficult questions. For this reason, we have been providing our services for more than 20 years so that our clients make only the best decisions. We are able to advise on matters related to the selection of a business structure as well as on other issues of the legal regulation and tax environment. We are constantly improving and increasing our knowledge, therefore we can ensure that our counselling and conclusions will be compliant not only with the relevant legal regulation, but also with the best practice.

Juridicon's lawyers have helped a few foreign companies and investors to expand or launch their businesses in Lithuania and opened up opportunities for investing in Lithuania. We can share our experience and knowledge with you if you intend to or think of investing in Lithuania. We will use all of our resources to make your vision come true.

About company establishment in Lithuania