International trade

Our clients are engaged in a wide range of commercial activities: from food products and medicines to wood and construction involving raw materials so it falls to us to keep up with trade and market regulation developments. If, in the event of a dispute, you need qualified legal help or representation in court, arbitrary court or other dispute-resolving institutions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are certain we will be able to help.

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Lithuania’s entry into the EU resulted in a more attractive investment environment which opened the country up to foreign direct investment. The country’s geographic location gave it an important role in international trade. The country is situated where trade routes between the East and the West intersect. Today, many imported or exported goods are transported through Lithuania while logistics centres have been set up and major foreign companies have entered the market. The realities of this market are always relevant to our specialists – they constantly improve their knowledge of a wide range of trade sectors so that they can provide legal services of the highest quality. 

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