Today, international trade is global and very few business models can do without it. Lithuanias entry into the EU resulted in a more attractive investment environment which opened the country up to foreign direct investments. The country's geographic location gave it an important role in international trade. The country is situated where trade routes between the East and the West intersect. Today, many imported or exported goods are transported through Lithuania, while logistics centres have been set up and major foreign companies have entered the market. The growing market and buying power also significantly promote international investments.

In response to the market demands and striving to provide exclusive, high-quality legal services to foreign investors we increase professional knowledge in various trade sectors on a continuous basis. Our foreign clients are engaged in a wide range of commercial activities: from food products and medicines to wood and construction involving raw materials, so it falls to us to keep up with trade and market regulation developments and come up with innovative solutions. If you need qualified legal help or representation in court, arbitrary court or other dispute-resolving institutions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are certain that we will be able to help.

We will not only provide our clients with detailed consultations on matters of the agreement conclusion, but we will also help to evaluate strengths and weaknesses of the alternatives and subtlety of the regulations. We will also draft agreements and other related documents. We will take other actions and execute all orders to ensure our your success in the field of trade in Lithuania.

  • Import and goods supply – when Lithuania entered the EU, where the internal border control has been cancelled, foreign companies were enabled to use wide trading opportunities in Lithuania and import and supply their goods to the country. The geographic and geopolitical situation of Lithuania also contributes to the fact that many goods imported to the EU from other countries are transported through Lithuania. However, two key rules must be adhered to if you want to use all opportunities of goods supply and import:  to know a trade partner well enough and be able to orient in the labyrinth of the legal regulation. Juridicon's agreements experts represent their clients in negotiations, draft agreements and accompanying documents and represent them in commercial disputes. When providing complex services we always make sure that all tax risks are taken into account and all other issues related to goods import and supply are resolved.
  • Commercial representation and distributionthese business models are often used as synonyms, but according to Lithuanian legislation they are not interchangeable. The difference is that an agent acts on behalf of and for the interests of the representative, and the latter pays the agent commissions, whereas a distributor buys products and resells them, and its salary is a margin set by the distributor itself. To help our clients to make their minds on the conclusion of distribution or commercial representation agreements we counsel them on all matters regarding the conclusion of these agreements (for more information, see commercial representation and distribution).
  • Franchise is an attractive option of investing, if you have already created the business concept you want to share with partners in Lithuania without direct investments in Lithuania. In order to properly stipulate the rights and obligations of the parties of the franchise agreement, you may contact us and we will help you to draft an agreement which best fits your interests (for more information, see franchise).
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