Asset ownership disputes are highly sensitive because they often involve the preservation or loss of assets, business relationships and even an owner's dignity. Our goal is to evaluate the situation in a realistic and objective way and find the best resolution as quickly as possible while helping our clients avoid stress and anxiety. Even though most disputes in practice involve real estate and business assets, we have an extensive experience in resolving other disputes involving the ownership of various assets, therefore we are able to provide the right help irrespective of type, nature and other asset characteristics. We have represented estate companies, owners, lessors, lessees, project promoters, contractors, administrators, managers and other entities on various pecuniary matters so we are sure we will be able to help you find the right solution to your problem.

Our experience encompasses the following areas:

  • Disputes over property acquisition transactions
  • Disputes arising out of rent and lease agreements
  • Disputes over real estate
  • Disputes over joint ownership
  • Disputes over property assignment transactions
  • Disputes over efficient management of assets
  • Disputes over bankruptcy, restructuring and liquidation of estate companies
  • Disputes over professional negligence
  • Disputes over rights in rem
  • Disputes over seizure of assets
  • Disputes arising out of other commercial and civil agreements