We have been providing our services for more than 20 years, we have gained versatile experience in helping our clients to invest in the EU and in the emerging countries. Our cooperation with foreign partners enables us to give prompt advice and offer innovative solutions corresponding to the relevant legal regulation and the best international business practice. We counsel and help to make decisions regarding commercial contracts, business structures, debt recovery, labour and tax-related issues.

When our clients think of direct investments abroad, we always advise them on considering the following questions:

  • Do you intend to acquire the set up business abroad or do you plan to establish a completely new company?
  • Will you invest on your own or will you have partners? New or time-tested?
  • Which business structure will be used: to establish a company or open a branch or representative office?
  • Will you need employees abroad? If so, are employees local, posted or are they agency workers?
  • Is the investment made for a specific or indefinite period of time?
  • Do you need premises abroad or not?
  • Will you need to move employees or property abroad?

These are only some aspects which must be taken into account prior to considering specific opportunities for investing. Various alternatives and options lead to different opportunities and choices. Clients may have many and various expectations, but the plan or alternatives they consider may not be suitable to achieve them. Juridicon's experts in corporate and contract law are mobilising so that their cooperation with the clients and mutual discussions help them to find the solution which is the most needed and appropriate one.

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