Juridicon's tax specialists provide consulting over all matters related to corporate and business taxation. Our work methods depend on international business development and practice as well as dynamic legal regulation, therefore we are flexible and we are constantly looking for new opportunities. In cooperation with commercial and criminal law specialists we can offer you complex due diligence of agreements and business decisions, warn you on negative tax consequences in due time and help to mitigate or eliminate them.

We understand that taxes constitute a very important part of costs throughout every stage of business development. Therefore when you want to decide in which country you should establish and expand your business, which form of a company to select, how to plan movement of assets, goods, services and funds, when to restructure business or withdraw from it, our specialists can evaluate the alternatives you have considered and help you choose the most optimal and effective alternative based on criteria you have set.

We have been working with our regular clients for a long time and we have gained 20-year experience in the field of taxes, we help not only efficiently plan and optimise taxes, but we also resolve daily tax problems, including but not limited to, taxation of labour force, interest, dividends, funding and capital gains. We belong to the association of independent law firms, Warwick Legal Network, and we cooperate with our partners in other countries, therefore we are able to provide our clients with qualified tax consulting on matters related to international taxation.

In the field of corporate taxation Juridicon's team will provide the following qualified services:

  • Tax consulting on general matters of corporate and business taxation
  • Tax consulting on all matters related to the application of agreements on international taxation and evasion of double taxation
  • Tax planning and optimisation
  • Assessment of tax risks
  • Drafting tax returns
  • Filing tax returns
  • Determination of the profit tax base and calculation of taxes
  • Setting the effective tax rate
  • Taxation of capital gains
  • Dividend taxation
  • Interest taxation
  • Carrying forward tax losses
  • Tax inspection
  • Transaction taxation
  • Taxation of revenues received abroad
  • Fiscal assessment of jurisdictions
  • Selection of preventive measures
  • Registration of profit tax payers
  • Registration of a registered office
  • Application of anti-avoidance measures
  • Evaluation of tax consequences when establishing branches and subsidiaries
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