Juridicon's lawyers have long-term experience in advising companies and entities in various criminal cases, including fraud, asset appropriation or failure to pay tax. Such cases are complicated and raise many sensitive issues. We understand how important it is for a company or entity subjected to an accusation to maintain a good reputation so we focus on the client's needs and search for a way to mitigate or eliminate any negative effect on its interests, family members or employees. Acting as defence lawyers, we aim to provide prompt, effective and versatile legal aid to entities and companies involved in criminal cases.

We also provide consulting on to how to carry out your activities and operations while avoiding the risk of criminal liability and to ensure that all transactions are reliable, safe and compliant with all relevant legislation. In addition, we assess the risk of criminal liability related to the activity of companies or entities, agreements and compliance with relevant legislation. We provide services throughout every stage of the process: in the primary stages of inspections or investigations, interrogations, pre-trial investigations and during proceedings before the court.

Even before the economic downturn and recession, corporations, when expanding their businesses, acted aggressively and sometimes without justification. This resulted in a series of scandals when companies were suspected of having committed financial, economic and business offences. International and national fraud, corruption, unfair competition, abuse of the market and cartel agreements became part of normal business practice in some companies. However, as economic conditions change, these kinds of activity are being targeted more and more by law enforcement agencies and provoking public anger. There are an increasing number of investigations into potential business offences, and such investigations, irrespective of outcome, affect not only single entities but also an entire sector or market.

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