Few parties are ever happy with the prospect of going to court to resolve a dispute where an unexpected decision might be made, litigation may take years, huge costs may be incurred and there could be an enormous amount of stress and anxiety. This is completely understandable because speed and economy are paramount in a world of  rapid growth of international trade and commerce. Unfortunately, litigation is often expensive and time consuming. Therefore, the demand for alternative options when it comes to settling disputes has significantly increased and has become an integral part of business. Furthermore, it should be noted that alternative options of dispute settlement can ensure confidentiality and help to avoid undesirable attention, especially from the media, eliminate the risk of appeal and guarantee that the specifics and nuances of a certain business branch, international regulation and expectations of the parties to the transaction will be taken into account. Moreover, this type of settlement can be selected at any stage of a dispute.

Alternative options of dispute settlement are exceptional because the parties to a respective relationship use third parties by mutual agreement to settle the dispute through negotiation without having to go to court. In practice, the most common alternative forms of dispute settlement are mediation or arbitration, but other alternatives are also possible, e.g. objective evaluation, mediation by agreement or direct negotiations. The law firm, Juridicon, keeps up to date with developments and demands in today's market and provides its clients with all types of alternative dispute settlement services. Our experience covers all areas of disputes, therefore our team of lawyers can offer advice on the different types and help our clients avoid delays and financial costs.