A Vilnius-based law firm

Pursuant to the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on the Bar, Laimonas Marcinkevičius was included on the List of Practising Attorneys-at-Law by decision of the Council of the Lithuanian Bar Association on 20 November, 2003. The JURIDICON Law Firm of Laimonas Marcinkevičius was registered at Totorių St. 5–7 in Vilnius on 21 November, 2003, Company Reg. No. 9400615. In the period between 31 January, 2008 and 21 August, 2014, the company operated under the name Marcinkevičius, Čaikovski & Partners JURIDICON Law Firm. By decision of the Council of the Lithuanian Bar Association of 21 August, 2014, the new name – the Law Firm Marcinkevičius & Partners JURIDICON – was registered (registration address: Totorių St. 5–7, Vilnius, Lithuania).

Prevention of conflicts of interest

Prior to starting a business relationship and providing legal services to a client, we review all of the available information and make sure that service provision does not lead to a conflict of interest.

Prevention of money laundering

To ensure that our legal services are provided properly and in adherence to the requirements of Lithuanian law, prior to starting an assignment we ask that the client provide us with their identity documents. JURIDICON attorneys-at-law only accept official documents that contain an individual’s photograph and/or relevant registration number and that cannot be easily copied or forged. We specifically request the following documents:

For individuals:

  • passport, or
  • EU member state ID card, or
  • new EU driving licence, or
  • copies of ID documents (passport, ID card or driving licence), and
  • document confirming place of residence; if an individual resides in a place other than the one declared, a written declaration of the individual must be presented.

For legal entities:

  • company registration certificate (if available) (original or copy);
  • extract from the Register of Legal Entities of the Republic of Lithuania or a similar document issued by a foreign register of legal entities (original or copy);
  • articles of association of legal entity (if available) (original or copy);
  • certificate of good standing of foreign legal entity (if issued in the relevant foreign country) (original or copy);
  • documents confirming the powers of the representative (incorporation documents; documents of appointment of directors and members of the board and of the supervisory council; shareholder documents; powers of attorney; representation agreements, etc.) (originals or copies).

Further information on laws designed to prevent money laundering, the authorities responsible for their implementation and and money laundering prevention requirements applicable to attorneys-at-law, their assistants and other professional lawyers is available in an overview prepared by JURIDICON and published by the International Bar Association at http://www.anti-moneylaundering.org/europe/lithuania.aspx.

Protection of personal data

Attorney-at-law Laimonas Marcinkevičius is registered with the State Register of Personal Data Controllers, Reg. No. P3171.

Intellectual property

JURIDICON is a service mark owned by Laimonas Marcinkevičius.