Project-oriented organizations

In recent years, there has been a marked growth in interest in companies that implement projects. Because of their structure, these companies manage to successfully combine a variety of intellectual resources and experience. The growing interest in this type of organisation means that many now believe that this model of a company engaged in project implementation is a fast and flexible way to ensure successful company operation. It is thought that these companies are able to avoid the common obstacles encountered by traditional organisations because they are more receptive to change because their culture is to treat each project as a  temporary task.  Projects are ways of achieving a particular outcome, are unique and have a defined beginning and end. Furthermore, these companies are more likely to engage in experimentation that comes with relatively high risks but moderate financial costs. However, these companies also require professional, quality legal services. Therefore, regardless of the type of industry or commercial activity you are engaged in, JURIDICON lawyers are ready to provide you with the following legal services:

  • Legal and tax feasibility studies for international investment projects
  • Legal assistance in drafting tender conditions, bids, and project documentation
  • Formalisation of the relations of joint activity participants
  • Representation in negotiations, drafting and implementation of commercial contracts, and during individual stages of project implementation
  • Representation in finalisation of real property contracts
  • Identification of legal (including litigation-related) and tax-related risks and management of these within projects
  • Asset protection planning
  • Legal and tax analysis and audits
  • Contract and tax planning
  • Consultancy on issues of labour resource planning, consolidation and optimisation
  • Legal review of documents and presentation of conclusions on their compliance with legal acts
  • Legal management of projects
  • Drafting of project procedural documents
  • Dispute settlement

Our independent legal services guarantee that you receive the most appropriate advice; get proper accountability, scopes of work and project budgets; detailed planning on how to solve the issues that confront you; a better competitive advantage; and improved financial performance. This will enable you to complete your projects successfully. It is important to understand that even small-scale project implementation can come with great challenges and our experts are ready to provide you with quality legal management of your projects to help you ensure appropriate project planning and implementation as well as adequate budgeting. We can also help you ensure the appropriate management of resources, quality and risks. Timely legal assistance will help you avoid errors, shorten the time needed for implementation and make your projects more profitable.