Even in cases where the settlement of a dispute is indisputably clear, litigation is not always the best way to proceed. It is not only costly and lengthy, but it also may affect commercial or personal relationships. Therefore, we always provide our clients with prompt advice to prevent unnecessary disputes. In spite of this, the dynamics of a relationship may result in disputes even in the situations where they were thought least likely to occur. Therefore, taking into account the dynamic nature of civil relationships, we can offer clients a wide range of services related to dispute settlement and believe that we are always able to come up with an effective way to resolve a problem.

We represent national and international companies, institutions, corporations and organisations as well as private entities when it comes to resolving disputes. We advise them on all aspects of the litigation process. Our services range from preventative consulting by identifying strategic guidelines for settling and handling a potential dispute to large-scale and complicated cases that cross different jurisdictions. We combine our knowledge with extensive practical experience in both national and international dispute-resolving institutions, we are able to provide expert assistance and represent clients in all types of court, arbitrary courts and other dispute-resolving institutions. We always work quickly to find the cause of a problem and are able to resolve it in the most advantageous way. This provides our clients with an incomparable advantage in the dispute settlement processes.

We provide dispute settlement services in the following fields:

  • Commercial disputes
  • Civil proceedings
  • Bankruptcy
  • Disputes over property ownership
  • Disputes between shareholders
  • Debt recovery
  • Alternative options of dispute settlement
  • Trademark protection
  • Labour disputes
  • Tax disputes
  • Business offences