We have been providing legal services both to foreigners starting and developing their businesses in Lithuania and to Lithuanian entrepreneurs investing abroad since 1996. We have co-operated closely with other law firms, accountants and auditors, business consultancies and banks in different countries for many years.

In 2003, JURIDICON started to co-operate with ILS Fiduciaries and in 2010 we joined the Warwick Legal Network that provides high-quality legal services to clients internationally and unites selected law firms from nearly 30 European countries. JURIDICON also has long-term partners in Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus and other countries not represented in the said network.

Since 2015, JURIDICON is a member of international lawyers' network AEA, which offices situated all over the world. The AEA covers all the 193 countries that are in the United Nations plus Taiwan, Kosovo and Palestine. 

JURIDICON is also a member of Lithuanian Business Confederation (LVK)Lithuanian Business Confederation is the largest business organization uniting service, trading and high-tech companies and acts as national committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC*) in Lithuania.

Laimonas Marcinkevičius, the managing partner at JURIDICON, is a member of the International Bar Association (IBA) and of the International Tax Planning Association (ITPA) and an associate of the American Bar Association (ABA).