2016-08-25 18:15
Juridicon Law Firm in Lithuania has been ranked among the leading tax advisory firm, recommended legal services in Lithuania by World Tax 2016. Dr Laimonas Marcinkevicius is the head of tax practice group, he is international tax law expert, having more than 20 years of practice.
2016-07-27 18:30
We are pleased to present the updated guide of doing business in Lithuania. It includes relevant information on business operations and taxation matters. This Guide is intended to assist organisations that are considering establishing a business in Lithuania either as a separate entity or as a subsidiary of an existing foreign company. It will also be helpful to anyone planning to come to Lithuania to work and live there either on secondment or as a permanent life choice.
2016-06-30 13:30
We are happy to present you new JURIDICON team member attorney at law Dr Rūta Lazauskatė. Attorney has 10 years’ experience in providing written and spoken legal advice in contractual and other legal documents preparation and correction questions, clients representation in court and with natural or legal persons. Dr Rūta Lazauskaitė provides advice on issues connected with contracts, intellectual property, competition, IT, company law, protection of personal data and civil process.
2016-05-30 14:45
Juridicon attorney participated in the international AEA network's congress held in Protaras, Cyprus...
2016-05-24 13:30

Juridicon attorney Dr. Laimonas Marcinkevičius was elected to the board of the Lithuanian Project Management Association (LPVA) during a general member meeting. Juridicon's attorneys, led by attorney Dr. Laimonas Marcinkevičius, have been providing comprehensive legal support...

2016-03-18 09:30
Our partners UAB Moore Stephens Vilnius prepared guide of Doing Business in Lithuania 2016
2016-02-07 11:00 pioneered a range of online tools to streamline your decision-making process. Tax planning will never be the same again!

2016-02-07 11:00
Tax attorney in Lithuania, tax problems for international business such as the validity and meaning of international double taxation agreements, main principles of taxation, rates and repayment of indirect taxes (VAT, excise duties, etc.) to foreign entities, taxation of profits of local businesses, dividends paid to foreign entities, interest and author's fees, including applicable privileges and restrictions (investment project, transfer of losses within group companies, thin capitalisation, transaction pricing, arm’s-length principle, target territories, etc.); taxation of transfers of property, including shares (participation exemption) and other tax issues.
2016-01-25 12:45

Laimonas Marcinkevičius is head of tax at Juridicon, a law firm based in Vilnius, Lithuania that advises both private clients and businesses on all areas of domestic and international taxation. A key area of focus for the firm is in business structuring and cross-border evaluation. To help with this, the firm has partners in many jurisdictions which ensures that compliance with all relevant legal regulations is always up-to-date and enforced. Services for non-residents include tax calculations, drafting and declaration of tax statements, assistance in registering and representation in consulting over fiscal inspections and due diligence.

2016-01-22 11:30

Attorney at law of Juridicon defended Doctoral Thesis, Social sciences, law on topic "Regulatory framework and applicable law for international joint venture".