Our experience in providing services to private clients in 2013

2013-12-31 23:30
  • We represented clients (individuals) in negotiations with banks operating in Lithuania in connection with signing of investment service agreements.
  • We represented non-EU citizens and drafted the required documents for obtaining temporary residence permits in Lithuania.
  • We provided consultancy to foreign individuals on issues of investment and property protection in Lithuania.
  • We successfully represented a client in negotiations concerning the sale of two residential buildings in Vilnius with a total value of LTL 5 million, drafted a purchase and sale agreement to secure the interests of the client and represented the client in various institutions in obtaining the required documents for formalising and transferring the title to the property.
  • We provided clients with real estate management services to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of the clients.
  • We provided consultancy to private clients on issues of investment portfolio management.
  • We provided consultancy to Lithuanian and foreign citizens residing and/or working in Lithuania and abroad on taxes imposable and not imposable in Lithuania on income earned abroad (including taxes imposable in Lithuania on income generated by sale of securities obtained abroad and avoidance of double taxation), proper formalisation of deals substantiating the receipt of income (service agreements and employment agreements), inappropriate formalisation and associated tax-related risks due to simultaneous engagement in materially different types of activity (agency services in the field of real estate and professional investment of securities), formalisation and tax-related particularities, and annual declaration of income, including completion of declarations and their submission to the State Tax Inspectorate together with the required supporting documents.
  • We provided consultancy to a Lithuanian citizen residing abroad and assisted him in drafting an explanation for the State Tax Inspectorate on income received, property acquired and loans repaid in the past with a view to provide the State Tax Inspectorate with sufficient yet weighted information.
  • We provided consultancy to a farmer on issues of tax-related consequences (including adjustment of VAT deduction) in the process of distributing property between the farmer and his wife and transferring the farmer’s farm to his wife.
  • We provided consultancy to an individual on issues of planning his and his family members’ well-being, including transfer and inheritance of securities and future tax planning, identification of business and tax-related risks, and proposal and implementation of measures aimed at mitigating the risks.
  • We provided consultancy to a farmer engaged in rural tourism on issues of possibilities and legal restrictions on expanding activity to new plots of land and drafted the required land lease agreements.
  • We provided consultancy to individuals on issues of real property tax base, rates and payment deadlines and drafted real property tax declarations.
  • We provided consultancy to individuals engaged in premises rental in resort towns on the possibilities of conducting their activities under business certificates and the associated tax-related issues and on issues such as calculation, declaration and payment of local levies.
  • We provided consultancy to an individual working in several EU member states (employment agreement, sole proprietorship, position of the head of administration) on issues of income tax of individuals and social insurance premiums payable by the individual in individual locations (countries) and rates of these.
  • We provided consultancy and representation services to an Italian citizen engaged in the rental of uptown apartments in Vilnius on issues of obtaining a business certificate.
  • We represented a non-EU citizen at the migration office and drafted documents necessary for the non-EU citizen to receive a permanent residence permit in Lithuania.
  • We provided consultancy to a wealthy foreign citizen on tax-related issues of transfer of business management to Lithuania, avoidance of double taxation and effective tax rates.
  • We provided representation services and drafted documents required for employing a highly-qualified non-EU citizen in Lithuania, including successful receipt of a work permit and a temporary residence permit.
  • We provided consultancy to individuals working for the media on issues of taxes applicable to the activities of journalists and photographers, including issues such as tax base, effective rates, maximum tax rates and formalities connected with income reporting and tax payment.
  • We provided consultancy to individuals engaged in economic activities in Lithuania on the advantages and disadvantages of working according to different types of business certificates and issues of regulation of sale and rental of real property and associated risks and liability.