2013-01-01 17:00
  • We successfully formalised the acquisition from a conflicting shareholder of own shares by a foreign capital company engaged in wholesale.
  • We drafted all documents required for formalising and paying interim dividends (over LTL 13 million) for an international production company.
  • We drafted documents for reducing the authorised capital of an international company engaged in the production of plastic materials following acquisition by the company of its own shares.
  • We proposed a foreign client controlling a large premise rental business in Lithuania the optimal activity development solution in terms of business management and tax burden and successfully implemented the solution.
  • We drafted a bilingual agreement of purchase and sale of shares providing for extensive seller guarantees and checked the buyer’s documents with a view to registering the contract with the administrator of the securities account.
  • We drafted agreements of purchase and sale of shares and represented a large Ukrainian bank in negotiations concerning conditions of agreement finalisation and future participation in a joint venture.
  • We formalised the sale of shares of a Lithuanian company to a foreign investor and drafted an additional agreement on payment conditions.
  • We successfully represented a client acquiring real estate from a shareholder of a company in bankruptcy: for this purpose, we conducted checks of the legal status of the property, its seller and previous owner and of the possible legal risks connected with the deal and proposed and successfully implemented measures for managing creditor dispute risks, which enabled the client to make a secure investment into an attractive real property.
  • We successfully represented a client in negotiations concerning acquisition of property owned by co-owners having different interests, at the client’s request analysed and adjusted the preliminary and final property purchase and sale agreements drafted by the other party, and ensured the secure transfer of the title to the property to the client.
  • We provided consultancy to a Swiss company without a fixed division in Lithuania on issues of dismissal of an employee employed by the company in Lithuania, performed a SWOT analysis of the situation, evaluated the associated risks, and proposed measures to mitigate the risks.
  • We provided consultancy to a client and drafted documents connected with resignation of the client from the position of director in an international company engaged in the wholesale of pharmaceuticals.
  • We provided consultancy to shareholders of a Lithuanian production company on issues of attracting new shareholders, legal mechanisms for formalising the obligations of the new shareholders with regard to the company and current shareholders, and possible legal risks and measures to mitigate the risks, drafted a shareholder agreement ensuring equal rights of all shareholders and the priority of the company’s interests over other parties’ interests and represented the client in negotiating the agreement with potential investors.