Juridicon lawyers were representatives in the acquisition of claims with the nominal value of EUR 39.7 million from Ūkio Bankas being wound up

2015-09-09 10:15

The bankrupt Ūkio Bankas under liquidation sold the loan portfolio of Russian and Lithuanian enterprises with the nominal value of EUR 54.8 million to the Russian company “Platfroma-Finance.”
According to the administrator in the bankruptcy proceedings, the creditors' committee of Ūkio Bankas fixed a minimum price equal to EUR 5 million, but “Platforma-Finance” has offered a much higher price which is kept confidential as requested by the buyer.

“Platforma-Finance” acquired the claims of EUR 39.7 million of a nominal value against the Russian company “Russkij Karavaj,” which owns 21.5 thous. sq. meters of the commercial building in the centre of Moscow, as well as a claim amounting to EUR 15.1 million against the Lithuanian company “Turto Valdymo Strategija”, which holds 99.04 percent of “Russkiy Karavaj” shares. The two latter companies were put into insolvency proceedings.

The Russian company “Platforma-Finance,” which took over the claims with the nominal value of EUR 39.7 million from Ūkio Bankas under liquidation, was represented by Juridicon lawyers. They prepared and agreed with the counterparty's lawyers necessary documentation, a legal review of completed cases, and rendered other related legal services.