The innovative business service platform created by “Juridicon” is changing the Lithuanian legal services market

2019-06-12 13:00
Legal news

The following text is a summary of the publication (written by Aušra Arošiutė) issued on 06/06/2019 by “Verslo žinios” (Business news), a leading Lithuanian business newspaper. The publication is an overview of some aspects of the issue of the currently existing crisis in the legal services sector. The author attempts to briefly present the present situation in the legal market and to discuss a possible solution, developed by “Juridicon”, to the main challenges faced by clients and lawyers.

Clients want more efficiency

Clients nowadays have different priorities when it comes to purchasing legal services. They want to know clearly what they are paying for and what value will they get from it; moreover, the provision of legal services should not lag behind the rapidly developing businesses and technologies.

The importance of efficiency as one of the major expectations of clients has been confirmed by a recent study carried out by the “Juridicon” law firm. More than 70 business executives from different organizations from various industries have taken part in the survey. The results of the study indicate that clients value efficiency the most; however, fixed prices and full transparency is also of great importance.

Legal services as a product

Laimonas Marcinkevičius, Lawyer and Managing Partner at the Marcinkevičius & Partners “Juridicon” Law Firm, believes that it is necessary to find new opportunities for cooperation with clients. “It is essential for lawyers to actually learn to look from the point of view of their clients, not to simply state that they are doing so. It is necessary to try to imagine yourself in the client's situation, who does not always need a lawyer, but simply requires legal services. By the way, I often hear from clients that company, contract and labor law are like “products” that they can simply buy,” said the lawyer.

“ALLaw”: an innovative “Juridicon” platform for businesses that simplifies work with lawyers

“ALLaw” offers a wide range of opportunities to its clients. A client is able to log in to the “ALLaw” platform at any convenient time and to monitor the current stage of work, projects, to leave comments, to plan their time and expenses in accordance with the ongoing state of work, to order additional legal services, to use forms of contract documents, to automatically generate documents, etc. It ensures a completely transparent, flexible and simple collaboration, which is quite simple in terms of payment.

Legal services for a fixed subscription fee

“Together with the professional lawyers that have become a part of the team, which is expected to expand even more, we have chosen to provide legal services to our clients efficiently and at a pre-known price, i.e. for a fixed subscription fee. In this way we ensure not only legal compliance and risk management for our clients, but also the predictability of the price for legal services,” said Laimonas Marcinkevičius.

Thanks to the innovative “ALLaw” platform, legal services become more affordable for small businesses, cooperation becomes clear, defined and predictable, and clients are able to avoid unnecessary expenses. Moreover, clients are able to change their service plans at any time, to model the price according to the selected services and payment terms.

Dispute prevention instead of dispute resolution

“ALLaw” is an initiative legal service, which focuses not on dispute resolution or litigation, but on dispute and case prevention. By applying proactive law, it helps to manage legal risks, offers solutions and helps to avoid high additional expenses.

Remote work possibilities for lawyers

“ALLaw” focuses not only on the needs of clients, but also takes into consideration the needs of lawyers.  Lawyers are able to work remotely, which provides a flexible work schedule and allows them to balance their work and personal life.

This innovative platform does not only provide proactive legal services, with a clear indication of services received and a transparent billing system, but also makes legal services affordable for companies of various sizes. Moreover, the platform provides lawyers with the time needed for training, communication with clients, interaction with family members and friends, etc. The “ALLaw” platform helps to increase the efficiency of provision of legal services by satisfying the needs of both, clients and lawyers, and making the best use of the resources available.