Holding companies are gaining popularity’ – our comments for „Verslo žinios“ article

2016-12-21 15:15
Legal news

Dr Laimonas Marcinkevičius notice that Lithuanian businessmans are more and more interested in establishing holding abroad. There are some reasons why it become popular: Lithuanian businessmans want to establish their business abroad as legal person, moreover businessmans are worried about new authorities suggestions to introduce new taxes also geopolitical situation result in their decisions.

The creation of a holding company lets to manage entire business from one location. One company for the whole group sets goals and monitors their implementation. Holding allows to focus the best specialists in one place also to standardize the operating principles and thus reduce operating costs. However, the tax base can not be the only reason for the establishment of a holding company.

Read the full article ‘Holding companies are gaining popularity’ ("Kontroliuojančios įmonės populiarėja") in newspaper „Verslo žinios“ (20 December 2016).