Article on the Protection of Personal Data in Lithuanian Law published on Data Protection and Privacy 2018

2017-11-07 19:15

JURIDICON team, who currently intensively participate in projects on customer compliance with GDPR requirements, prepared an article on protection of personal data protection in Lithuania, which was published in the edition of Getting the Deal Through Data Protection & Privacy 2018. The large group of experts participated in the preparation of the guide of 2018, therefore it contains personal data protection regulatory reviews from 27 different countries.

This legal guide is intended to business representatives and practicing lawyers who are concerned in the regulation of personal data protection. Questions and answers reveal concentrated information on the most relevant data protection issues such as lawful data processing requirements, data subject rights, data security obligations and breaches, registration formalities for the controller, use of the internet and the marketing of electronic communications, the competences and powers of the data protection authorities and other relevant aspects.

We need to draw attention to the fact that currently the issues of regulating personal data protection are extremely important - from May 25th of 2018 the application of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (BDPR) is being introduced in all Member States of the European Union. Certain aspects of the processing of personal data relevant to Lithuania will be discussed in the new version of the Personal Data Protection Law (hereinafter - PDPL). In June of this year, the PDPL project was presented to the interested institutions and the public for coordination. After receiving comments and suggestions from the business and the public sector, the Ministry of Justice held a public consultation in September this year aimed at maintaining a dialogue between interested parties on issues of legal regulation of personal data protection and seeking compromises on certain provisions of the PDPL or directions for their improvement.

We hope that the information provided in this article will help you to receive the most effective solutions for your business. You can find some answers regarding data protection and privacy in Lithuania here. Or, you can get acquainted with the JURIDICON article and the publications of other countries in English here

Currently JURIDICON lawyers actively participate in projects on customer compliance with GDPR requirements, advise on data protection and privacy.